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We believe that being a MILF is a good thing. Something that should be celebrated, not downplayed or looked upon as a derogatory term as MILF’s have been adored for centuries. Being a MILF is about being a confident, strong, and sexy woman…who just happens to be a Mom.

MILF Certificate

MILF Certificate

The certificate is a surefire way to give the Mom you have in mind a compliment and visual reminder that motherhood is making her as attractive as ever. The certificate is a much appreciated gesture that gives a confidence boost and shows you are sincere when you tell her how hot she is. It also makes a fun and unique gift for the Mom to be. It may not be on her baby registry, but she won’t be able to resist hanging it up and sharing it.

Gear: Wonder MILF

This week, we feature our “Wonder MILF” women’s t-shirt. Celebrate the wonderful MILF in your life by letting them know how strong and powerful they are. Of course, we think it is a shame that Gal Gadot only made $300K for her role in the movie (one that has grossed almost $750 million!). So we are going to be sending her one of these shirts as a consolation. She rocks, and so does the woman in your life. Aren’t all MILF’s wonderful?

Nominate A MILF

Do you think someone you know is a MILF worthy of a recognition? Send us their picture and tell us why she is worthy. She will be entered into our giveaway for a MILF prize pack. The prize pack consists of a special MILF certificate, an official GotMILF.com t-shirt, and special recognition on our website and social media outlets. Don’t delay and enter your favorite MILF today by clicking the button below!

Got MILF™ Gear

  • American Milf Women’s Tee

  • British Milf Women’s Tee

  • Canadian Milf Women’s Tee

  • Grateful Milf Long Sleeve Tee


Got Milf™ Blog

Honorary MILF: Elizabeth Hurley

If you aren’t following Elizabeth Hurley on Instagram then do yourself a favor and follow her (elizabethhurley1). I’ll wait and you’re welcome. Hurley is a self described “Mummy” before everything else. The 52 year old model/actress is also a designer of swimwear no...

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Honorary MILF: Fergie

Today we submit Fergie as an honorary MILF. Having recently released a new single MILF $ (watch the video below), Fergie is working at empowering women with a strong message. In a promoting her new single, Fergie had this to say: “Changing the acronym to Moms I’d Like...

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Honorary MILF: Melanie Varney

It started as a simple premise: a photographer wanted to photograph a couple for an intimate boudoir session. She offered her services free and received messages from several couples wanting to participate. She selected a woman by the name of Melanie Varney. Melanie...

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